Welcome! I’m Jenn Lore London, and I started this blog (formerly Department of the Interior) back in 2009. This blog started out as an outlet for my love of interior design, but over the years has become an extension of me, and so much more than just interiors.

It became a meeting place, a journal, a travelogue and a studio for all of my kooky kitchen experiments. It’s through this blog, and the design community, that I refined my aesthetic, became an ardent supporter of artisans, and had a front-row seat for DC’s incredible culture shift. Sometimes, it seemed too easy. I started typing, and the world unfolded around me.

Now, with days fuller than ever before, I use this blog simply as a photographic journal of my life. I hope you enjoy the images I share, but no hard feelings if you miss my design and style picks. And good news! You can still see all of my favorite things -- updated daily on Pinterest.

P.S. Nothing could make me happier than to hear from you – whether you leave a comment, e-mail, or chat with me on Twitter, I want to get to know you a little better. Let’s make it happen.

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