Aspen [Two Views]

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I've just returned from a seriously glorious vacation in Aspen, an unplugged week filled with a hike to mountaintop Cathedral Lake, mountain trails by horseback, yoga under a tent in the pouring rain and rafting and swimming in the Colorado river. I've fallen hard for the Rockies and can't wait to make my way back again--and share more tidbits from my trip with you!

Today, two snapshots showing the very different sides of aspen, worldclass views and wordclass shopping. What more could a girl need?

Images by me (Jenn Lore)

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kathi said...

I love aspen too. I moved there in 1967 when I was 17 and spent 10 years. Then again I moved there in 2002 and stayed for 2 years. It is a special place, the mountains and the snow, the summers and the hiking trails.