[Best Dressed] A Full Pour

Friday, March 16, 2012

dear heartI've always felt blessed to have been raised around so many wise, hilarious and stylish grandmothers. Yes, their presence has taught me that aging isn't something to be afraid of -- you can carry around an AARP card and still be the most glamorous and charming person on the block -- but I've also learned the value of a life well lived.

I can't count how many times I've heard fellow 20-somethings saying things like, "I'll get it together someday," or "I'm just waiting for my real life to start." I keep wondering, "How do we know when we should stop waiting? Will someone send me a Hallmark card to let me know? Can I set an alarm?"

The photo above is of my cousins' paternal grandmother, Nancy Sheriff. She's not my biological grandma (Madeline -- who is also awesome, natch.), but she's been a part of my life and family since the day I was born.

Looking at this photo of Nancy, it becomes obvious that style isn't something you grow into. "Real life" doesn't have a starting point, and waiting for arbitrary milestones to arrive is probably the worst way you can spend it.

Dryly witty to this day, one of my favorite Nancy stories happened at Thanksgiving a few years back as my boyfriend Eric poured Nancy a (pretty stingy) glass of wine. Her droll reply:
"Eric, you're a good man, but a conservative wine-pour. A little more, please?"
I'd like to think that Nancy has spent the last 90-odd years savoring a full pour of everything life threw at her, and I hope that I will too.

Image: Courtesy of the Sheriff family


Nikki Rappaport said...

Oh what a sweet post. I love the personal stories and that photo is just so fab. Have a great weekend dear!

Tommy said...

Very nice post. :) I wish I'd gotten to know my grandmothers (Minnie and Alice), but this post is an excellent reminder to get to livin', as Dolly Parton sings.