Good Morning

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Monday, all! I hope you had a perfectly lovely weekend. I spent mine visiting family in NY and Pennsylvania, and now it's all gone by too fast and with way too much time wasted in the car.

Luckily, I'll be jetting off for a much-needed vacation to Puerto Rico on Wednesday, and hope to do lots of blogging from the beach (ok, not actually on the beach, but you get what I mean.) If you're from Puerto Rico or have been there before, please share your recommendations in the comments!

Meanwhile, I wanted to share one of my favorite finds this weekend -- the work of food blogger/photographer Ash at Butterfly Food. I can't wait to test out this recipe for homemade donuts, but alas, that will have to wait til my bikini is safely back in its drawer. ;)

Images: Ash at Butterfly Food

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