Fun Jewelry Storage Ideas

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not gonna lie. I jumped on the costume jewelry train two years ago, missed my stop and still have no intention of getting off. Few things make me happier on a Monday morning than popping on a fun and bold necklace, bracelet or ring. Unfortunately sorting through my out-of-control jewelry drawer is significantly less pleasant.

I've basically just run out of room, and I don't want to part with any of my baubles. It's time to think outside the box, no pun intended (like, jewelry box, get it? get it? Oh, God it's been a long day.)

Since I have a bad habit of collecting small china plates and cups that I am too scared to eat out of, I loved the idea that appears below. Unfortunately, all of those little plates would just take up even more room.

(Blueprint, also top photo)

Another idea I liked was draping some of the larger pieces over lamps or a bust as seen above, but that also doesn't solve the space problem. I mean, there are only so many lamps you can bedeck with jewels and sparkly things before the only people who want your interior design advice are the benchwarmers for an Eastern European figure skating team.

(Nate Berkus)(Albert Hadley)

Another more practical idea is draping necklaces on an above-the-door coat rack (or as in the pic below, a vintage rake) which puts them on display AND keeps them untangled.

(Country Living)

Finally, for you crafty types (how I envy you) I loved these two incredibly cool solutions from Design Sponge:

(DIY Jewelry Bust)
(DIY Hidden Jewelry Box)


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

I'm so with you on this jenn, i have masses of chunky necklaces, earings bangles, all over the place. The other month though i got a bit organised. I bought some 5 hook steel coat rack kind of things and screwed them on the inside of my built in wardrobe doors - a couple for necklaces, and a larger on for scarves (another weakness). Earings hang off a pair of candlesticks on the dresser. Finer chains etc are in bowls on the dresser. And chunky bangles/cuffs are in glass compote dishes on a different dresser!!

there's so many cute things to have and so little room!

Love the diy silhouette bust and the plaster bust! - might need to be my next move.

Jennifer Sergent said...

You are hilarious! I have a jewelry chest that sits on the floor -- those little boxes are just silly, in my opinion, for a grown-up woman who's been accumulating jewelry since the age of 10. I just wish they would make these chests more attractive -- I'm with you -- there's no easy solution for all those baubles! -- Jen Sergent

Laurie Jones said...

I love all these ideas so much that I'd probably go out and buy a cool necklace just to showcase! (Yea, I totally hate having to buy jewelry!) (:

Cara said...

I love the necklaces on the bust!

Copious Couture said...

Love these pictures, so many different ways to use jewellery as art!!! Love all the ideas!!!

Tommy said...

That rake is super fly.

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