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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lili Abir Regen

After a way-too-long hiatus, my series on workspaces is back. Today's workspace is inspired by all sorts of mid-century educational ephemera -- schoolhouses, science teachers, writers and university professors.

Basically, imagine what your tenured english lit professor's home office would look like. Then make it cooler. Signatures of this style include salvaged furniture, wood, managed clutter, wrought iron, brown leather, natural curiosities, vintage classics, prized first editions...and some vintage scotch for good measure.


John Derian
Marie Claire Maison
Tim Carrigan
Pottery Barn

This style is built on staples like wood, leather and clean, classic design.(left to right) 1. Danish modern rosewood writing table (1stDibs) 2. Barrett writing desk (Matthew Fairbanks Design) 3. Berkshire desk (Pottery Barn) 4. Redsmith dining chair (Anthropologie) 5. Devon leather chair (Restoration Hardware) 6. Boothbay chair (Maine Country Cottage) 7. Vintage leather chair (Empiric Studio)


Task lamps are practically a necessity for studious types. Left to Right: 1. and 3. Love these vintage task lamps from Empiric Studio 2., 4 .and 5. I am also obsessed with these charming offerings from Sundance Catalog.


How great are these science and literary inspired prints, postcards and books? Left to right: 1. Illustration of centrifugal force (Empiric Studio) 2. and 5. Postcards from John Derian 4. Illustration of the Moon (Empiric Studio) 3. and 6. For most of us, these lushfully painted first editions are just for inspiration, but if you happen to have 35,000 dollars to spend, head over to :)

1. and 4. I love the versatility of vintage flower frogs as desk accessories. The cage style as seen in the first photo is great for holding pencils, pens and paintbrushes and the pronged style is perfect for holding postcards and business cards. (Etsy) 2. When it comes to vintage containers, even Anthro can't beat the real thing. There are tons of great options on Etsy, like this treasure jar in one of my favorite shops Livingston and Porter. 3. Globes are everywhere right now, but this vintage one from Empiric Studio lights up -- such a fun accent for a caffeine-fueled all-nighter. 5. Give your back some support while adding gravitas to the space with this cute Harvard alum pillow (Livingston and Porter) 6. John Derian's style is perfect for these spaces -- these paperweights are a more affordable way to bring in some of his style. 7. Vintage book from Paris Hotel Boutique 8. Vintage bourbon bottle (Etsy) 9. Remington vintage typewriter (Livingston and Porter). 10. Cubby organizer (Pottery Barn) 11. Terrariums are a great way to add greenery to the desk, while keeping with the educational theme (Anthropologie) 12. More vintage books from Livingston and Porter.

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Tommy said...

I can't even deal with this post. It's perfection. If I had a design ideal, this is it.

Favorite thing? The John Derian "In Good Health" card. Love it all. You've outdone yourself.

Jenn said...

Tommy -- thank you so much for your incredibly kind words. I was actually thinking about you when I wrote it..I remember you mentioned you liked this style in my kickoff post. Thanks for always being supportive! Hope this gives you some inspiration for your new place.

holly said...

Love your blog! So happy to have found you and I thank you for shopping with me! This post couldn't be any better...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

heather jenkinson said...

Well, Tommy has expressed so eloquently what I really want to say - you were born to do this. Such an inspirational post. Oh, and popped into John Derian's on my last visit to NYC and I nearly died with excitement! Love it.

I see this blog becoming a daily fix in my life - thank you!