The Eclectic Glam Desk

Friday, September 25, 2009

As I mentioned in this week's kickoff post, my favorite kind of home office evokes eccentric, glamour. Ideal for home offices where you don't do much more than use the Internet, this kind of space emphasizes rich colors, bold shapes and luxe surfaces.

Who does it best: Kelly Wearstler, Celerie Kemble, Alessandra Branca, Miles Redd, Jeffrey Bilhuber

Markers: A mix of modern, baroque and vintage furniture, mismatched textiles, deep jewel tones, rich pops of color, metallics, classic, kitschy, and sentimental art, piles of art books, bold prints, crystal and a fair amount of glitz.


Love the bold yellow, rows of books and ghost chair that keeps the look clean. Also love how the desk follows the yellow/white border on the shelves. (via Style Redux)

Alessandra Branca, Elle Decor

Kelly Wearstler: Two chairs can be better than one...

Celerie Kemble

via Style Redux
Celerie Kemble
Pamela Skaist Levy (unstyled version with computer appears below!)

So if you're in the mood to shop for this look, here are a few great styles for desks, lighting and accessories:

Clockwise: 1. Folio desk in coconut shell from Baker 2. Emily Desk from 3. Leather-topped La Boheme desk from Ralph Lauren Home. 4. Hepplewhite dressing table, (H/T House Beautiful)

Clockwise: 1. I love the idea of using a sconce to light a desk placed up against a wall. It's very chic, can be angled to meet the task at hand and frees up valuable desk space (Williams Sonoma Home), 2. and 5. Christopher Spitzmiller's divine ceramic lamps have a permanent spot my ultimate home wish list, but any richly colored gourd lamp can make a big impact on a desk. 3. I first discovered this corkboard lamp in Domino (the Loeffler Randall spread) and fell in love with this idea. You can pin brooches, photos, postcards and even magazine cutouts to this lamp for an instant inspiration board that isn't dependent on wall space. 4. Jonathan Adler is the master of quirk that never devolves into kitsch. This sun lamp is forever one of my favorites.

Clockwise, top to bottom: 1. and 7. I always try to keep a small dish or bowl by my desk to corral random supplies that would look messy otherwise like rubber bands, post-its, staples and erasers. (Anthropologie) 2. A truly glam desk needs a decadent desk accessory in gold. This elephant and monkey tape dispenser from Iomoi is the perfect example of function meets excess. (Iomoi). 3. I always keep a candle at my desk in the hopes it will bliss me out when I'm at my most stressed. I usually use a small scented candle, but I think a big, bold candlestick adds drama, height and visual interest. Bonus points for crystal candelabras. (Anthropologie). 4. and 6. I love the idea of using small vintage apothecary jars to hold smaller desk necessities like paperclips or thumb tacks. I also always use a decorative glass or tea cup to hold my pens. I find that, when done right, this can almost look like a bouquet. (Anthropologie [again] -- and seriously, can I get a commission? Sometimes I feel like I work for them with the amount of times I post about their products :) ) 5. If my last post, didn't make it clear enough, I am obsessed with a good notebook! (Archie Grand). 8. To complete the "bouquet" look referenced above, you might want to invest in gorgeous pencils, like these from Iomoi.

By the way, one of the best ways to get an ultra-unique desk like the ones above for cheap is to buy a desk with good bones at a flea market or garage sale and revamp it. Check out this post from In the Tweeds to get some inspiration on for your own DIY desk project.


Averill said...

Great post! And that green desk is absolutely gorgeous...

Style Redux 2 said...

Jenn-Some really wonderful ideas and inspiration. I can't stop looking at the first photo from Elle Decor. Thanks for the mentions.

Annabelle said...

Great post! I love all that nice, quirky furniture. There's this Kartell brand at that has some really neat lamps. Their accessories are really colorful and interesting. The site seems to be having this sale, some of their stuff is up to 30% off.

Tommy said...

Excellent! Even though this style is not very practical for me, it's still very appealing.

You've also picked some wonderful examples of complete rooms and pieces that contribute this overall look.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

So glad you posted about desks. I need to get my design on & get a office pulled together once & for all. These were all great inspirations. I should of guessed that my favorite office would be done by no other than Kelly Wearstler. Great pics, all of them ~

inthetweeds said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jenn!!! :) I love the ideas you posted and hope to draw some inspiration from this post for my sister's desk re-do!

The Matters of Style Girls said...

Love love love all of these desks! And the ones you sourced are great too!

Ann at sevenspelledout said...

Do you happen to know of any designers who specialize in offices at home or otherwise for men? I am in charge of redoing my husband's 10 X 10 blah window-less office and I need help. He is a sales director in the hotel construction industry in Florida and so it could use some style.

Apt. #34 said...

Love those desks! All going into the inspiration files immediately. Great blog!